FBL & Associates, Inc.

Construction Layout - Consulting Engineers - Land Surveyors - Soil & Rock Quality Control

FBL & ASSOCIATES, INC. began performing topographic surveys and right-of-way surveys for local engineering firms in the Shreveport-Bossier City area in 1980.  In the same year, we began performing construction layout for various construction contractors on key portions of I-49 and other city, parish, and state jobs.  From the very beginning, we have built our reputation by providing high-quality services to our clients in a timely and efficient manner.  Because of this effort, our client base has grown to include various municipalities and governmental agencies, industrial companies, numerous general contractors, and private developers.


While we still see ourselves as a small firm, FBL has grown to the point that we can provide six three-man survey crews to perform various types of surveys.  Each crew is equipped with an electronic total station instrument that enables them to perform field surveys accurately and proficiently.  We are also equipped with the latest GPS System.  Our office staff, engineering and surveying technicians provide valuable support to our survey crews. Accuracy and efficiency are aided by several different Civil Engineering software applications. Our crew members also receive OSHA awareness and M.S.H.A. training on a regular basis.